Saturday, July 24, 2010

4th of July

I made Captain America shirts for the boys for the 4th. (The idea came from They wore them to the parade and looked so patriotic! Judd refused to wear just the blue shirt so we had to put the red shirt underneath.
For Cora's patriotic shirt I made ribbon flowers and sewed them to the shirt. Next year I'll be more with it and come up with something fun for her.

Isn't he so Captain America?!? Look out world someday he may move mountains, climb tall buildings and be a hero to many.
The kids had lots of fun watching the fireworks. It was quite chilly though, which would explain all the blankets and jackets!

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Clair said...

I love these shirts! What a cute idea. You need to tell me where to buy the stuff to make them at. I think it'a great idea.