Thursday, January 21, 2010

Play smock

I am famous for buying patterns and then never making the item. I've never taken a sewing class but I love to sew quilts. (A straight line, not too hard.) This was a new experience that I absolutely loved. At first I was so nervous but I was determined to complete this oh so cute pattern! Of course I could only work on it a little at a time and I found myself secretly anxious for the next time I could escape for a moment and finish the next piece. And now that I have completed one I have learned many things and the next one will be even better. My niece Ashlyn has already requested one!! I'm sure Cora will take as many as I will make her. She LOVES it and that makes me happy!
The finished project. And did I mention I even made the buttons? Yes, I love my little button tool. Who would have thought making a button could be so fun?! I now have the courage needed to make some of my other patterns. Wish me luck!!!


Clair said...

Adorable! Love the fabric!

Esther said...

That looks really cute! I couldn't read the description because the text showed up as symbols for some reason. My computer is weird sometims.

Esther said...

O.K. I figured out a way to read it. You did a great job Susan!! I am going to try to make a skirt sometime soon (when my pattern arives). I hope it turns out as nice.