Saturday, January 30, 2010

Today we celebrated Judd's birthday!! My little man will be 3 on Monday. I can't believe it! Judd is into everything "worker". He wants to be just like his daddy and wear work pants, shirts, gloves, boots, hats, etc.. He even wanted a water cooler like Cade. He always tells me he is going to work and wants me to call him "daddy". And then asks if I am going to be sad he is going to work. Of course I always am and often cry and beg him not to go! He will not go anywhere without his work gloves (even to bed). On most days you will find him wearing his insulated coveralls because it is cold when he goes to work. We get so much delight watching and listening to him. It is hard to keep a straight face with him most of the time! He knows what he likes and we better not try to change his mind. So it seemed perfect to have a "worker" party! Cade made this awesome truck for the kids to play with. They loved it!!!
Don't they look great in their hard hats and work aprons?
Judd with his cake. I tried to make it look like a glove, ok I'm not a cake decorator but he loved it and I had fun making it.
Make a wish and blow!!
This is his present from Dad, Mom, Cora and Max. The overalls were from our friends Angel, Spencer and Raygan. I think he had a pretty fun party!!


Clair said...

What a fun part! I love their hard hats and work aprons. So creative. And I love that cake, it looks great! I need to do a theme like that. Good thinking. :)

Esther said...

Cute theme! Judd seems like such a fun kid! You did such a good job on the cake too. That truck looks like something kids would definately love!