Monday, February 8, 2010

Love the hat

I made this hat for Cora and LOVE it!! And so does she! I saw it on and she links you to the designer for a tutorial. Sorry I'm not a computer genius or maybe I could link you there. Cora looks like she may be in pain, but she really does love it. I already have requests from 3 of my nieces so I better get busy before spring comes. It's really easy for any of you who may want to try it. And theirs looks much better, thankfully my princess likes everything I make for her!!!


Esther said...

That's cute! It looks great for kids since it will keep their ears warm and stay on their head. My kids struggle with keeping their hats on. Good job!

Clair said...

I think it's cute too! I need to learn how to make things like this.

Cora looks so cute too!