Tuesday, February 2, 2010

On the day of Judd's party I decided he needed a haircut. Shortly after starting he started fussing and swatted at the hair trimmer and knocked the extension blade off. Before I could move it the trimmer had taken a chunk of Judd's hair. I wanted to cry! He didn't care one bit. Lesson learned; NEVER cut hair on a special day and NEVER (I mean NEVER) swat at the hair trimmer!
Even with a chunk of hair missing he sure is cute! I love my little man!!


Esther said...

Hair cutting is such a trial some times! He does still look cute though! My kids have to have major bribery to let me cut their hair. I cut my husband's hair too and he won't let me cut it on a day that is important in any way. Kind of funny.

Clair said...

Oh no. He does still looks cute. I'd be so sad too though. Yeah, and my husband will only let me cut his hair when Esthers around (to fix it).